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 Path To Peace נתיב לשלום ע.מ. 059278697

Peace Drawings

In Path to Peace we gather drawings and letters for peace, which are made by children from different backgrounds and cultures from all around the world.

Through the drawings, we show the world as children see it, out of belief that a joint creation brings empathy and hope.

Schools that are interested in taking part in this project are welcome to contact us.

Path to Peace is about patience and kindness to one another. Happiness and optimism, creation of mutual hope as a way of solving problems, and the power of a joint creation towards a better life, peaceful and safe for every human being.

Shikma School, Yad Mordechai, Israel
Seventh graders

Leyada School, Jerusalem, Israel
Seventh and eighth graders

School, Gaza
Seventh and eighth graders