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A meaningful activity for the community

With the "Path to Peace"  stones, you can create a significant activity for your community. Together we spread hope, love and tolerance between people and inside our community.

Path to Peace activity


Personal Tile Workshop

Wall Decoration

Path to Peace

Suitable for:

Children, youth, soldiers, students.


A bit about us :)


Path to Peace was created out of a place of great pain, with the goal being finding the path to hope and community healing.


In our case the pain was the harsh security situation in the Gaza envelope. We sought to help the community create strength and joy despite the difficulty.


Today, we encourage communities and groups in Israel and around the world to recognize the difficulties and pains which weight on them, and seek ways to lighten and improve the situation.


"Creating hope together" is our motto, a motto which embodies the tools we use to find the solution. Every word completes the other words, and when we use them all together we reach the best solution.


(Creating = making, working

Hope = the good place we strive for

Together = the whole group/community)


The goal of the activity:


Creating a positive discussion about the difficulties we encounter, while using the motto "creating hope together". At the end we join together to glue colorful mosaic pieces on the wall, that will leave a mark and will always show us the way, so we can look back and remember about "creating hope together".


General examples for discussion topics, it is recommended to talk about cases which happened. For example, for students: social shunning, violence, shame, discrimination, quarrel, intolerance and acceptance of one another, dealing with fear and anxiety.


Steps of the activity:


  1. Opening words an introduction to Path to Peace project.

  2. Watching the "Life in the Shade of the Wall" film, a 20 minute film about life in the Gaza envelope, and how we create our community strength.

  3. Discussion in groups about the difficulties and pains that weight down on us, how the motto "creating hope together" leads us to a better place.

  4. A joint meeting of all the groups and summarizing the discussions from every group. 

  5. Different options:

    1. Every participant chooses a "Path to Peace" stone, writes a personal wish at the back. Whoever wishes to can share what they wrote with the group.

    2. Every participant gets a personal tile, to decorate it to his liking. The tiles will be collected to be burnt in the ceramic kiln and returned within a few weeks.

  6. Gluing the "Path to Peace" stones on the wall and taking part in the colorful mosaic.



Activity duration about 2 hours.


The "Life in the Shade of the Wall" film – 420 NIS.


Possible to schedule a guide to manage the activity – 500 NIS an hour per guide.


The activity can be help in our visitor center / at the client's chosen location.

Suitable for:

Children, youth, soldiers, students, families.


Here every participant will create his own decoration. You'll have a variety of tiles to choose from, in different shapes and sizes, colorful ceramic stickers in different colors and designs. You can cut and stick them to the tile in a personal design.

The stickers are suitable for young children as well.


The workshop is fun and relaxing, every one of us has a different imagination and way of thinking, and the result is always charming.


Afterwards the tiles will be taken to be burnt in the ceramic kiln, and will be returned within a few weeks (it is also possible to take it with you immediately without the kiln, but the tiles will be less durable over time).


It is possible to make a joint picture with all the tiles in the group, or alternatively it is possible that each person keep his creation as a personal souvenir.


This workshop can be done in our visitor center, or any other place you choose.


The activity length is about 30 minutes.


Workshop price is 25 NIS per participant.

Groups larger than 25 participants –

20 NIS per participant.


Prices for packaging and delivery to the customer's house (after burning in the ceramic kiln):

Packaging and delivery in Israel up to 5kg – 25 NIS

Packaging and delivery in Israel more than 5kg – direct taxi 300 NIS

Packaging and delivery abroad up to 2kg – 150 NIS

Packaging and delivery abroad 2-5kg - 300 NIS

Packaging and delivery abroad more than 5kg – 600 NIS

Suitable for:

children, youth, soldiers, students, public spaces, community centers.


Wall decoration through joint creation, all participants take part in gluing the stones, after each participant chose a stone and wrote a personal wish at its back…


Participants can choose from a variety of colorful ceramic stones, resistant to sun and rain.

The final creation is up to you. You can plan anything, the imagination is unlimited – a sign, writing, a picture…


Stone prices:

Basic Path to Peace stone (about 5cm) square/circle/different shapes – 10 NIS

Tile 5cm – 20 NIS

Tile 15cm – 40 NIS

Flower 5cm – 20 NIS

Flower 10cm – 30 NIS

Flower 6-8cm glazed – 25 NIS

Flower 20cm glazed – 50 NIS

Heart / Butterfly / Hamsa /

Star of David – 25 NIS

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