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Creative Workshops (Two hours)

Various working technics in clay and ceramic.

The participants are invited to go among the various spaces and to experience the different working methods. The art work they would prepare would be named and would leave to be burnt in the ceramic oven. They will be delivered after few weeks.

The technics they will be experienced – 1. Textures coined in a soft clay. 2. Coloring clay – marbling. 3. Decorating mugs and plates with ceramic sticker (Decal). 4. Ceramic mobile – decorating with diamonds and colorful beads. 200 NIS per participant.


Team – building Workshop (one hour)

In a team - building workshop we invite participants to sit in a large circle, or several circles. In the center of the circle we pour a very large amount of special colored mosaic stones and each participant assembles and arranges the the mosaic according to his/her will. Once there is already a beautiful piece for each of the participants, we surprise them and invite them to form a joint connection with the mosaic stones also to their friends sitting by their side. At the end of the work, we come to one common creation of all the participants, illustrating the power and uniqueness of co-creation. We photograph the work as a souvenir because we then collect its parts. 30 NIS per participant.


Volunteering in Native LaShalom – Path to Peace (one hour)

We invite participants to experiment and help prepare "a path to peace" stones for the wall (stones which are at the end the process of their preparation will be pasted on the wall by visitors) the stones are produced in several processes: pouring the material in the molds, painting with glazes, sticking the decal (ceramic sticker) on the stone. 30 NIS per participant.


Agriculture Tour in Nativ Ha'asara (one hour)

Visiting the flowering and vegetable growing greenhouses. Meeting with the farmer and be familiar with the growing processes. We will smell, taste and enjoy. 80 NIS per participant.

באנר לאתר.jpeg

Nature touring Native LaShalom – Path to Peace (1:40 hour)

Native Ha'asara is surrounded by nature reserves and magical and hidden corners. We invite the participants to walk with us between the side paths and discover the beauty of nature in our area. The route will be determined according to the seasons of the year. An easy and comfortable walk with a combination of local stories and other surprises. 60 NIS per participant.


Peace Songs Party (Half an hour)

Leading by a singer from the Gaza envelop, a party of peace songs. An hour of profound joy, energies, happiness and hope.

Up to 50 participants – 2000 NIS, up to 100 participants – 3000 NIS.

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