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More activities ❤


Creative Workshops (one hour)

Workshop for making a ceramic plate:
The clay comes in different colors, here we will learn different working techniques with soft and flexible clay, we will create a plate that will be given to the participants after the product is burnt in our ceramic oven (several weeks), the work process is fun and relaxing. 120 NIS per participant.

Workshop for making a colored glass jar:
an enjoyable work with special colored transparent stickers which can be stuck on the glass jar, a fun and relaxing work that brings out the creativity in us. 60 NIS per participant.


Volunteering in Path to Peace (one hour)
We invite participants to experiment and help prepare "a path to peace" stones for the wall (stones which are at the end the process of their preparation will be pasted on the wall by visitors). the stones are produced through several processes: pouring the clay in molds, painting with glaze, sticking the decal (ceramic sticker) on the stone. 20 NIS per participant.

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