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Path to Peace wall

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About us

"Path to Peace" - is a joint mosaic creation, by thousands of people, towards hope, love, and happiness among all people. The creation is placed upon the border wall that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel, adjacent to the homes of Moshav Netiv HaAsara.

The creation is seen from both sides of the wall, spreads on the gray security wall and completely changes the place's atmosphere.


In this unique project, the visitors are invited to take an active part in the creation of the peace wall, every visitor writes a personal wish on the back of a colorful mosaic piece and glues it onto the security wall. The mosaic pieces are made by hand-work in the Path to Peace workshop. Among the colorful and optimistic pieces, we can find different designs such as flower and butterflies, mosaic pieces with the word Peace in different languages and more.


Visiting "Path to Peace" includes a personal meeting with the artist Tsameret Zamir. Tsameret, wife and mother to four children, lives in Moshav Netiv HaAsara for 20 years. When meeting her, Tsameret tells about life in the shade of the wall, the security situation, the good life in the Moshav and above all about staying optimistic and having hope for a peaceful future.


Every one of us can dream and want peace, and in the Path to Peace wall we all together create shared hope. A joint creation brings strength, the number of pieces on the wall hints at the huge amount of visitors that chose to leave their mark and wishes for a better future. Every visitor takes the hope for peace with him and passes it forward in different ways.


Path to Peace is about tolerance and kindness to others, about happiness and staying optimistic, creating mutual hope as a way of solving problems, and the power of joint creation for a good, peaceful and safe life for every human being.

Tsameret Zamir

Creator of Path to Peace project

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