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Path to Peace wall

About us

"Path to Peace" - is a joint mosaic creation, by thousands of people, towards hope, love, and happiness among all people. The creation is placed upon the border wall that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel, adjacent to the homes of Moshav Netiv HaAsara.

The creation is seen from both sides of the wall, spreads on the gray security wall and completely changes the place's atmosphere.


In this unique project, the visitors were invited to take an active part in the creation of the peace wall.
Every visitor wrote a personal wish on the back of a colorful mosaic piece and glued it onto the security wall.
The mosaic pieces are made by hand-work in the Path to Peace workshop. Among the colorful and optimistic pieces,
we can find different designs such as flowers, butterflies, hearts... mosaic pieces with the words: peace, hope, joy, love... and more.


Through the decoration of the border wall, Tsameret Zamir the project creator, wife and mother of four, who lives in Moshav Netiv HaAsara for 25 years, wanted to strengthen the feeling of connection to home, to the beautiful life in the moshav, and the hope for a quiet and peaceful future.
Since October 7th, 2023, the Dark Saturday, the moshav is closed. 
all residents have been evacuated, and the area isn't safe.


Our hearts are broken and we mourn the lives that were brutally taken.

We hope and pray for a safe and quick return of our kidnapped back home.

Our hearts are with the soldiers who risk their lives for the safety of our country.

We share the enormous pain of the bereaved families.

Wishing for healing of the body and soul to all of Israel.

Tsameret Zamir

Creator of Path to Peace project

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